The ECE scholarship was created specifically in 2001 in tribute to Gene Eaton who died on August 17, 2000. Gene’s initials were ECE.

The ECE scholarship is awarded to students who are employed at least 24 hour per week. Students who apply must not have student loans in order to take advantage of this scholarship opportunity. The Ardon Foundation distributes roughly $4000 during each school year typically to Wyoming residents.

The purpose of the Ardon Foundation’s ECE Scholarship is to finance and encourage working students to continue their education.

To apply, download the Scholarship application and follow the directions

Scholarship Recipient History

  • 2012 University of Wyoming-Casper College Nontraditional Student Scholarship
  • 2011 University of Wyoming-Casper College Nontraditional Student Scholarship
  • 2010 Casper College
  • 2009 Casper College
  • 2008 Casper College
  • 2007 Casper College
  • 2006 Casper College
  • 2005 Casper College
  • 2004 Casper College
  • 2003 Endra Moen
  • 2002 Casper College
  • 2001 Natalie McMillen, Jolyn Hallgren, David Dutton, Anna Sisco\
  • 2000 Brooke Umphlett, Trelene Defry, Kalob Komma
  • 1999 Mindy Cartens, Garijo Scheler, Mathew Nelson, Jacinto Stone, Joshua Mathis and Misty Potter
  • 1998 Laramie Community College
  • 1997 Scott Peacock, Candace Baxter, Sara Sybrant, Peggy Nighswonger, Lawrence Matthew Deats

Frequently Used Forms

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Procedures